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Re: On Linguistics

I had posted this elsewhere because it's driving me crazy, but I thought I should bring it up in the appropriate thread, too.

I'm trying to diagram the clause "who will eat the Milky Way" without losing the underlying structure of it. My thought is that because it's an interrogative statement, there must be auxiliary inversion, and because it's a wh-question, the "who" has also replaced a noun phrase. I believe that is the case because the result is a clause that appears to be structured just like a declarative sentence, but clearly that's not what's really going on. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Here's the clause in bracket notation:

[S [Comp who][S [Aux will][S [NP t][VP[VP [Aux t][V eat]][NP [Det the][N Milky Way]]]]]]

And here it is as a tree diagram:

(Also, I used a "t" symbol to stand in for the displaced phrases. And the parent is really a complementizer clause I guess, not a "sentence," but that part of the structure doesn't concern me unless this is an embedded clause, which I'm not dealing with right now.)

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