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Re: On Linguistics

Originally Posted by Melaszka View Post
I suppose it could be the main clause of a longer question, e.g. "Who will eat the Milky Way* if I eat the Snickers*?"
e.g.2 "Who will eat the Milky Way* that the cat licked?"

[*Brand name of a chocolate bar in the UK - I'm not sure if you have them in the US or not.]
We have them in the U.S.

As has been pointed out, it depends on the punctuation. Is it a complete sentence, with a question mark at the end? Or is it a clause within a bigger sentence?
We didn't parse sentences in school, but I had a private tutor who believed in it. Personally, I hated it, and couldn't see the point, since I already knew how to construct a sentence in English.

Personally, I always hated learning grammatical terms, and that's why I never wanted to become an English teacher even though most English speaking immigrants to Israel of my generation were offered retraining as English teachers.

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