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Re: Ask the Staff v8

I'm sorry to see how the forums have become. I met a lot of people through here including my now wife.

I'm not sure how many CoS weddings there have been but it is at least one, plus two CoS children!

I still remember the excitement of getting into Hogsmeade. At the time I had severe depression - now diagnosed as bipolar - and a difficult home life with a violent, alcoholic father. CoS was almost a ray of light that kept me going and, bearing in mind subsequent suicide attempts, kept me alive.

No matter how terrible life was, you could come on here and lose yourself for a while. Just as the HP books were a place to escape from the horrible grip of depression. Albeit on a terrible 56k modem which took forever to load a page!

It will be sad to see the forums go, if they do. I would love it if there was one last meet up, old and new, people so different but united by their love of one of the most enchanting stories ever told.

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