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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

Originally Posted by MerryLore View Post
I guess i saw it differently. In the book, Harry confronts Voldy in front of everyone, and the celebration occurred because they saw his death actually happen. They were keyed up. In the movie, since they didn't see it for themselves and were only told about it, the happy feelings were muted, out of respect for people who had lost loved ones and the bodies of the dead loved ones laying in the next room.
Oh I agree - there should have been people watching. And I definitely wanted the explanations in "The Flaw in the Plan".

I agree. I think that, along with the deaths of Voldy, Bella, and Nagini were the CGI people wanting to show off, and disrespectful to the story. I wanted bodies. I also think they thought people wanted to see a huge duel between Harry and Voldy, but personally I preferred the book much better.
Yep. Just because they can doesn't mean they ought to have.

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