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Re: "separated by a common language"

Originally Posted by ginger1 View Post
So, sticking to acceptable words, here's a question to start off - what do US men put on their nether regions when getting dressed in the morning? We wear pants, or boxer shorts, or even knickers - but pants for you are trousers for us.
In the U.S. we call them "underwear", "underpants", "boxers", "briefs", "shorts", "boxer shorts", "whitie-tighties"... and we do have a couple vulgar expressions (which I won't repeat here, as I don't want to upset the mods) that use "pants", where the "pants" could refer to either trousers or underpants...

Originally Posted by HugForLupin View Post
Another question about this from a British girl -

If biscuits are cookies, what do you call real cookies?
Well, that would depend on what you mean by "real cookies" -- could you give us a description or a picture?

In the U.S., these are cookies -->

and these are biscuits -->


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