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Re: "separated by a common language"

Originally Posted by anabel View Post
According to my Delia Smith cookery book, the word biscuit means "baked twice" and originally applied to bread that was dried in the oven to preserve it, ie baked twice! Sailors used to eat ship's biscuit as a staple part of their diet on long voyages.
I think in Britain the legal difference between cakes and buscuits are that cakes go hard when they go stale while buscuits go soft. I yhink this is for tax reasons as cakes count as confectionary so get higher import duties.

Originally Posted by mac_attack View Post
I've noticed that there is a word on here that when I use it, it is censored...Trying not to get anyone upset do I say this. It starts with a C and rhymes with that considered a swear word over there or is it just offensive to certain people on the site? Because I do not swear, but I use that word, and I don't consider it a swear word..

Sorry if that's dumb...I just wondered. It's not considered a swear around here.
It's certainly not a swear word where I live, many a teacher in fact has used that word to describe my homework

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