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Re: "separated by a common language"

Originally Posted by mac_attack View Post
I've noticed that there is a word on here that when I use it, it is censored...Trying not to get anyone upset do I say this. It starts with a C and rhymes with that considered a swear word over there or is it just offensive to certain people on the site? Because I do not swear, but I use that word, and I don't consider it a swear word..

Sorry if that's dumb...I just wondered. It's not considered a swear around here.
It depends on what type of person you are around here. Everyone at my school says it regularly, including the teachers. They also use the word for a female dog regularly, to describe the behaviour of some girls towards others. They aren't really considered swear words at school, but elderly people find the less-offensive C word...well, offensive.

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