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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by Midnightsfire View Post

But if her husband is there...
Her husband?? A woman should not need to be with a man in order to be safe. The possibility of getting beaten up should surely not be the only thing that deters a man from treating a woman like an object. If that's the only thing that deters a man from taking photos up a woman's skirt, then there's something seriously wrong with that guy.

Civilization was never based on common courtesy.
No, that's why we have laws.

But I'd like to think that most people have the decency not to invade other people's privacy. I'd like to think most people have the decency not to use other people as sex objects. I'd like to think that the law isn't the only thing stopping most people from committing murder, rape, robbery etc. So, I'd also like to think that the law or seeing a muscly man isn't the only thing stopping most people from taking photos up a woman's skirt. I'd like to think that common courtesy and conscience play a part for most people.

Originally Posted by Sereena View Post
I can't speak for other women, but if I caught someone taking pictures up my skirt... it wouldn't be pretty.
I agree. I think a lot of women would react strongly. Hopefully, next time he tries this, the woman reacts as he would expect a man to.

I also think you're overestimating how much men are intimidated by other men. It'snot obvious from your story if the husband of the woman was there when the drunk was flirting with her but it's possible the drunk was given a verbal warning first, thought he was the tougher guy and proceeded anyway. Since it's considered "unmanly" to back away from a fight, men are more likely to get beat up, as opposed to women who know their limits and run.
Perhaps it's also considered "unmanly" to take no for an answer? As telling a guy you have a boyfriend is often the only thing that will get him to back off. Just not being interested makes you either a challenge or a b.

If this story is true, this drunk must have been particularly persistent and/or particularly drunk.
Question - hypothetical - if the guy had been harassing a single woman and not taking no for an answer, and the woman, rather than a husband, decked the drunk, would the attitude have been that he "got what he deserved"? Just wondering, hypothetically.


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