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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by Midnightsfire View Post
Or a man provoking another man for that matter, but for different reasons, reasons that might involve violence.
See how that might work? A man's reactions would likely be different from a woman's.
I can't speak for other women, but if I caught someone taking pictures up my skirt... it wouldn't be pretty. I also think you're overestimating how much men are intimidated by other men. It'snot obvious from your story if the husband of the woman was there when the drunk was flirting with her but it's possible the drunk was given a verbal warning first, thought he was the tougher guy and proceeded anyway. Since it's considered "unmanly" to back away from a fight, men are more likely to get beat up, as opposed to women who know their limits and run.

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