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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by Midnightsfire View Post
(The hallmark of a coward is getting into fights with those much smaller or weaker)
Oh you mean like the men who pester women who don't have a man to act as "bodyguard"?

Reality versus what "you'd like to think" doesn't work. Especially since most women have a problem with what you "think." (Just pointing to those women in the porn industry, they wouldn't think kindly of your thoughts)
If they choose to work in the porn industry, that's their business. The women who had photos taken did not choose to do so. Choice matters.
And do most women want to be seen as sex objects? Really? Most women want to be seen as sexual beings. Not sex objects. Seeing a woman as a sex object means that she is just there for the gratification of the man, that her feelings are irrelevant.
And I am pretty sure that most women do not want to have their underwear photographed without their permission.
And is the reality that most men do not respect women? Is the reality that most men would assault a woman or take secret nude pictures of a woman if they thought they'd get away with it? I do not think that most men are so entitled and dangerous.

Originally Posted by canismajoris View Post
I hate to nitpick, but I believe the most recent case in the news was thrown out specifically because a view up the women's skirts was already easily visible to everyone who happened to be walking by (they were sitting on stairs). It wasn't a violation of their privacy because--and I know how this sounds--what was under their skirts already wasn't being kept private. The judge makes a point of saying how disturbing the guy's behavior was, but notes that photographing "publicly exposed areas" isn't illegal.

So I think the guy's motive was not "these women won't defend themselves," but rather, "well this is easy."

Then, if one is to leave aside the potential for violence, would the same apply if a woman was zooming her camera on a guy in his swimming trunks for example? Or, up a loose pair of shorts? It's on public display, after all.

Then, what of paparazzi who lie on pavements to take photos up celebrities' skirts? Is that also publicly exposed? Even when her underwear is only exposed to the pavement??


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