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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by canismajoris View Post
Well right, and while I want to believe there's not much room to say that a victim is to blame for taking inadequate precautions, in many other areas of life (that is, other than sex crimes, say), it really isn't uncommon or outrageous to label someone a fool for it. Just like traffic jams, rain, and stock market crashes, criminal acts are things people should probably learn to expect from time to time.
I don't think you can compare any of the things mentioned above to sex crimes, though. Those things can happen to anyone, sex crimes on the other hand are a result of the inequalities between men and women and the idea that women should always be available to please men. That's not the same as theft for example or other crimes which are also caused by societal factors but not by structural inequality and sexism.

This is why what I said earlier about context applies even here. It's not enough to look at individual actions and say that the situation could have been prevented had the victim acted differently. I'm sure that in many cases it could have. But the bigger issue, the context still remains and it's not addressed by looking at each case individually. Even if all the women were to take precautions and for example never go out after dark- well, okay, but what about the fact that women are more likely to be asaulted and murdered by men they know than by strangers? There are underlying issues which the "victim-blaming" discourse ignores and these issues are always going to be there unless we deal with the gender inequality. It's sweeping the real problem under the rug if we only focus on individual actions (and I'm not saying you're doing this, I'm just trying to explain why sex crimes are not the same as leaving your house unlocked).

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