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Re: Ask the Staff v8

Originally Posted by Alastor View Post
I have to disappoint you here. Only those who are invited to Hogsmeade can have avatars.

And we haven't invited anyone for 3 years now. Because we are still waiting for the forums to either be transfered to MuggleNet or shut down.
Speaking of having the fortune to be on before things died down...

I was reading elsewhere on the Web that someone tried to register for this site because it looked interesting, but that they got a page that registration had been closed. Is that gone forever, or is that also waiting on the fate of COS with respect to Mugglenet?

I'm glad it hasn't shut down yet. Just a week or two ago, someone asked to be FORT Sorted for the first time in over three years. That was a pleasant surprise!

Oh, that reminds me: Where is the COS sorting thread? Is it gone? I couldn't find it. ETA: Never mind, I realize I asked about that a year or two ago and you all mentioned it had gone away.

If you've got a moment, why not try out the FORT Sorting Quiz? Now in New and Improved v2.0!

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