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Re: Beauxbatons: the place to improve your French

salut! je suis brésiliènne et j'étudie français depuis quelques mois, alors je ne sais pas paler en français.. encore! mais j'espère que je peux apprendre ici.

and for the record, i just want to say that languages develop non-stop, they're the oppose of "static", and they are developed by the people who use it. so what's really correct now was a terrible mistake in some another time. therefore, what you consider being a terrible "Mistake", if used by all speakers, will eventually be right. the language is not owned by anyone, and the grammar, really, just tries to capture the rules and most accepted forms at that time being.

i'm not saying that anything can be a new rule, ok? but what's accepted and used by the most part of the speakrs of that language may eventually appear in the grammars. just as the same with new words, if it was the contrary, we wouldn't ever need new dictionarys and new grammars.
and i'm sorry if i was not clear or if my english is too bad - my first language is portuguese!

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