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Re: Reactions of Non-readers to the HBP movie

Noone in my family has read the books so the hour long journey home was really interesting.... question after question... not that I minded they think i'm smart with my HP knowlegde . They all knew that Dumbledore died and that Snape killed him and everyone apart from my dad knew the reason behind Snapes killing (but they don't know the full 'Snape is a good guy' thing.... what I don't want to tell them everything)
It was interesting that my dad interpritated Dumbledore's "Severus... Please" as a plea for him not to kill him... If that makes sense. Not for him to actually kill him (Wow... I'm confusing myself) but I guess to Non-readers then thats how it is meant to be seen.
It was funny in the inferni cave though, ya know the part where the inferni grabs Harry's hand... my mum jumped so much that she actually hit some random women in the face!!!!!!!! It was hillariuos.

Just realised did anyone eles think that the scene in DD's office with the Horcrux talk had a massive 'Harry-is-a-horcrux' spoiler? You know when Dumbledore says something like 'Making a horcrux... leaves traces' - looking meaninfully at Harry's scar, he touches the ring, it spins, harry's scar hurts... I think, and then there is a shot of Voldemort.
None of my family noticed it until the second time around, but I thought that to an attentive Non-reader it was a BIG give away (an intentinal one though)...

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