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Re: Feminism: Definitions and Opinions

Originally Posted by Wab View Post
That's really only a valid argument if sex-crimes were only committed against women. It doesn't explain incidents of sexual violence committed against men which are grossly unreported.
There are definitely sexual assaults against men as well, I'm not contesting that. However, women are still overrepresented among sex crimes victims and plenty of women choose not to report these crimes as well. But yes, I won't deny that society is moving towards objectifying men as well (male strip clubs, male prostitution, etc) but I don't think that means that sex crimes are the same as any other kind of crimes, and that the problem doesn't go deeper than individual actions.

And the idea that women should always be available to men is also perpetuated by women.
Oh definitely. There are plenty of women out there who objectify themselves, objectify other women, or engage in victim-blaming. Anyone can be sexist, it's a problem we have as a society not a problem that only men or only women have.

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