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Re: Spanish

Awesome! A spanish thread. I was starting to think I was the only Spanish person on this site! As the fandom is so small in Spain.. or at least apparently because we don't evenhave our own website.
Anyways, I can help if someone needs so

Originally Posted by Tenshi View Post
Tengo que aprender espagnol para la universidad, pero no me gusta. No se.
Creo que es una idioma dificil.

Mis espagnol es muy mal y he olividado mucho. Por el momento estoy aprendiendo vocabulario y gramatica. Tenge que escribir un examen proximo ano. No quiero.

If someone wants to correct me, please go ahead.
Do you know a website where you can learn it in a easy and fun way?
I'm sorry you have to learn a language you don't like.. That's pretty awful. And I don't know of any site really. About what you said well.
'Creo que es un idioma dificil.' Instead of una.
'Mis espagnol es muy malo' Instead of mal.
'Tengo que hacer un examen el proximo ano'
Hope that help

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