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Originally Posted by MmeBergerac View Post
I'm Spanish too, Justincase. I don't think there are so few Spanish HP fans, but many of us use HP as funnier way to improve our English (my case, at least ).
Great! I mean, I just don't have any friend who is a 'fan'. Some read the books and they liked them but that's it. I guess that's why I think there are so few. Plus we never get conferences or that kind of HP reunions which I wish we did because they look incredible.
And then actually I just love Harry Potter. I mean I'm not using it to improve my English (though of course I'm doing soxD). Thing is I read the books when I was 9 and then this year (or was it last year?) I... I can't remember exactly how but I kind of thought 'wow harry potter was awesome. I wanna read that again'. So I just fell back into the fandom and then discovered all the 'HP world' that there is in the Internet. And of course the best sites are in English so yeahh... everything I do Potter related is in English so I'm definitely improving it even if it's not my intention. In fact, when I spend too much time here in the forums I start to get things half in English, I mean like translating things from English literally or the construction of phrases and that kind of thing and I sound all weird like I was learning Spanish or somethingxD

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