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Originally Posted by Frogki View Post
Hola - yo estoy asi asi le dicen en espanol, y yo estoy ayuder gramaticas, etc...
I think I said that right - I'm currently struggling through my second year of spanish. I attempted to say : Hi, I'm okay at speaking in spanish, and I'm learning grammar, etc..
Please correct me if you can!
I've been learning about past/present participles, preterite, and past-progressive tenses, along with a lot of vocabulary. I hope I can have a full conversation in Spanish soon!
You made a few mistakes- "le dicen" means "they say to him/her" The correct translation for 'to speak' is 'hablar'. Also, 'ayudar' means 'to help', the translation for 'to learn' is 'aprender'. Therefore a correct way of writing that sentence would be:
Hola - hablo más o menos bien en español, y estoy aprendiendo gramática etc.

'más o menos bien' means 'more or less well', which I thought was an appropiate translation for 'okay' as an adverb.

Don't be discouraged by the mistakes you make, you're doing great!

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