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A Guide To Posting on CoS Forums (Image Intensive)

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Old September 6th, 2005, 7:40 pm
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A Guide To Posting on CoS Forums (Image Intensive)


Whenever someone joins a large forum it can be daunting trying to get into the swing of things and it's very possible that innocent mistakes can be made. As CoS has grown rapidly in recent months, the staff have put together a little aid for members to read as a handy guide for posting on CoS. As time goes on I'm sure we will add to this guide with more useful information.

Let's begin.


Your User Profile

When you first log onto CoS, one of the first things you might like to consider doing (if you haven't done so in registration) is updating your profile and adding a signature.

- To change something about your profile, click on 'Magical Me'

- On the left-hand side you will see a Settings and Optionsl bar

Most of those options are relatively straight forward to use. Make particular note of the 'Edit Email & Password' option. You may want to update your password from time to time, especially if you share your computer with other members of your family. Additionally some of those options may not be available to you straight away, such as Edit Avatar. This is because some features are reserved for members of Hogsmeade and above.

To learn more about Hogsmeade and how to get access, read our Hogsmeade thread when you get a moment.

For more about 'Magical Me', please refer to the end of this post. Thank you.


Posting on CoS Forums - New Threads

A lot of Owls (Private Messages) that staff receive from new members are those asking how to start a new thread.

- Go into a forum area and in the near top left-hand corner is this image

Simply click on the button and you will be taken to a message box where you can begin to start your thread. Please note however that the 'Moderation Queue' maybe turned on, which means your thread will need to be approved by a member of staff first before being allowed onto the forum.

-It also helps, before you start a new thread, to see if it has been discussed before, which is where we recommend you use our search engine.

The Advanced Search Menu

Click on the area highlighted in red.

- To use the advanced search menu may take some time, so bear with yourself and practise for a while.

  • In the top left-hand corner you can search by keyword, either in a post or thread as indicated by the drop down menu
  • In the Search Options you can specify a more precise return from the number of replies a thread has to what forum you think it's in. For example if you know it's a Harry Potter related thread you can click on the light blue shaded Hogwarts option and the search will only return threads/posts from that area.

- Moving on to the top right-hand corner we can see Search by User Name

- This option allows you to find threads or posts started by a specific user, ideal for narrowing down search criteria.

- The important thing to remember about a search engine is that you sometimes have to do different variables in order to get the right results. Take your time and don't stress. If you do make a duplicate thread it's not a problem especially if you know you put the effort in.


Posting on CoS Forums - Replying to Posts

There are three ways to reply to a post, the long way, the short way and the shorter way .

- To reply to a thread generally without directly quoting anyone, you simply click on the 'Reply' button either at the top or bottom left of the page. This takes you to the reply box and you can begin.

- To reply by quoting a member directly, click on the 'Quote' button in the bottom right of the individual's post you want to quote. It will then take you to the message box with the quote in place.

- If you wish to reply super quick, then you can always refer to our 'Quick Reply Box' by clicking on the little button in the right-hand corner of a person's post...

- ...which will take you to a box which looks like this and you can reply super quick. If you click on the option 'Go Advanced' it will take you to a preview of your message in the standard reply box.

- If you'd like to quote someone directly in the Quick Reply Box, then there is a neat little trick you can do. Firstly, highlight the text you wish to quote...

- ...then click the quick reply button in the bottom right-hand corner of the person's post...

- ...the message will then cut and paste itself to the Quick Reply Box like such where you can quote it directly and more quickly


Reporting a Post

As is natural with all large forums you will get people who will post disrespectful comments or general idiotic stuff that offers no debate. In most cases it is the members we rely on to inform us of these problems, which is why we have a nifty little feature that enables you to tell us straight away if there is a problem with something or someone.

- If you see a bad post, thread, signature or member, you can use the 'Report a Post' option in the bottom left-hand side of the user profile.

The staff are then sent an Owl and an archive of what you report goes to a special area where the first mod there deals with the complaint. Without you guys reporting stuff to us, we wouldn't have the response time that we do.

Adding attachments to posts

Click on the reply button

You will get a screen like the one below appear

then you want to scroll down to the option Attach Files. Click on Manage Attachments.

A pop up window appears, which will allow you to upload images. Click BROWSE to look through your computer for the image you want to upload. Take note of the file sizes you are allowed to upload.

Then, once you've uploaded the image, close the pop up window

Now you'll be able to add text to your post and once that is done, you can submit the post.

Hope that helps


All images supplied in this thread are taken from the CoS Forums Default Blue style and are done in Administrator mode so you may see some options blacked out for security purposes, etc.

Useful Links:

Brave New World

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